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Zana the Brave is an amazing story of trial and triumph for a little girl who is being bullied at school. We asked the author, La Tasha Mason what was her inspiration for writing this story. Here's an excerpt...

I grew tired of seeing news headlines about teenagers and pre-teens committing suicide and shooting up schools and learning that many of the causes for these tragic acts were traced back to these youth being constantly bullied and ostracized.  Being someone who had gone through a few periods of being bullied as a child, I know how it feels when you do the right thing to try and stop the bullying, but it persists.  I wanted children to read this book and understand they are not alone and that it gets better.  I also wanted parents and teachers to understand what really goes on behind the scenes when a child is constantly bullied. Read more

"The Sentimental Notes of Daniel Coulanges"
Click below to listen his nephew Yanatha Desouvre tell his story.

Enjoy Life Magazine's story of month comes from Yanatha Desouvre. Listen to the story, "The Sentimental Notes of Daniel Coulanges" right here, just click play video.

Life of Hip Hop with Draze!

Listen in as Lakesha talks to Draze about hip hop music, his purpose, inspiration, being an independent artist, and what he really does to enjoy life.


Lakesha: What do you want the world to know about you?

Draze: “That… the music is real, like this isn’t fictitious; everything I’m giving is a real life experience, and if that’s what you’re looking for in an artist this is it.”

“God first family second and then all the rest comes after that and that’s the lifestyle I’m truly trying to live.”

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Charles Mattocks introduces the first ever doc-series that educates and implements a plan to Reverse the affects of diabetes!


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  Detox with Juice!

Healthy Life

Read the "Healthy Life" column for the recipes for quick juices that make great detoxes and healthy drinks or snacks.

New Podcast!

Interview with Fashion Designer Wayne Lyn of Chin O' Arte' by Wayne

Recorded: Wed.; April 11, 2018

Music Box features Yanatha Desouvre. Find out how he's keeping his uncle's music alive. Recorded: Mon; April 2nd

Life of Hip Hop features Draze.

Recorded: Mon.; Jun 26, 2017

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