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This month our special feature is Darling Clark. She's an entrepreneur, community activist, CEO and founder of Fortress of Hope Psalm 18  - a non profit organization. The organization is based in Miami, Florida and it offers assistance to victims and survivors of sexual child abuse. To learn more about Darling Clark and Fortress of Hope Psalm 18, please take a listen to the interview.  

           Darling Clark Interview part 1

             Darling Clark Interview part 2


Stars Shining Bright

 Published August 21, 2015

Recently I've been blessed to meet some beautiful people. These phenomenal souls are spreading love and light behind the scenes and beyond measure. They're making major moves and producing results. They're not in the lime-light and on every blog or website, but they are stars shinning bright in MY eyes.

I met these people in Macon, Georgia. That's right -  not Los Angeles, not Atlanta, not New York - not some where over-seas. They're right here in a place that I thought I'd find to be too slow, but instead THIS is where I've found the most love and enlightenment.

Don't confuse "celebrity status" with happiness and success. There are many people who live amazing lives in private. They're super talented, intellectually inclined, spiritual, and living above average lifestyles. I need you all to know that YOUR uniqueness is ALL the status that you'll ever need. Your special qualities will take you where you NEED to be in life.

Now, if you want fame, you can get it. If you want to arrive to a point where everybody knows your name, you'll get there. If you want fortune, you can certainly have it. If you WORK YOUR PLAN you will yield results. But know this, your level of success and happiness is not directly attached to fame and fortune. You have to search your inner man or woman and CLEAN OUT all the garbage before you can arrive to a place of PEACE, LOVE & HAPPINESS. This level of happiness and success does not require a "celebrity status".

Remember, your happiness is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Be happy with who you are. Be the best person that you can be and shine like the stars that you are! 

Love always,

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