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Charles Mattocks introduces the first ever doc-series that educates and implements a plan to Reverse the affects of diabetes! Read NOW!

How much do you know about diabetes? Is it even a matter of concern for you? Read more!

Mind,Body & Soul -Darling Clark - Fortress of Hope Psalm 18

Darling Clark is an entrepreneur, community activist, CEO and founder of Fortress of Hope Psalm 18  - a non profit organization. The organization is based in Miami, Florida and it offers assistance to victims and survivors of sexual child abuse. To learn more about Darling Clark and Fortress of Hope Psalm 18, please take a listen to the interview, Click here.

Special feature - Momma Dee from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta!

Momma Dee: 

“Chase your dreams to find your strength. Know your weakness and encourage yourself. If you want to achieve you have to persevere.”

Read more ...

 Music Box Highlights - Bobby Banks

Bobby Banks is from Barnesville, GA, 23 years old and currently residing in Macon. Singing has always been apart of his life. He started singing very early and can remember singing for classmates when he was in pre-k. He also sang in the choir at Greater MT Zion Baptist Church in Thomaston, GA. 

He enjoys older music from artists like James Brown, Michael Jackson, and Otis Redding. With an artist line-up like this it’s not hard to believe that his favorite songs are love songs and inspirational music.


Music Box Highlights - Michael Dade!

Michael Dade is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina. He has a new single out called "Price To Pay". Michael says he wrote the song because it has a lot of meaning to him. He says it is a reflection of how he feels about the corruption that is going on in the music industry and politics. His view is that if he has to sell his soul he would rather walk away from it all. He's been a working performing artist for about five and half years ... Read More


Hot Issue: Music Box features Raheem Malik & Relate to Love picks up a spicy topic with Will & Odette Hooks!

Interviewing Raheem Malik brought back a good feeling about music and the entertainment industry for me. His giddiness reminded me of why I'm a Writer, and why I publish Enjoy Life Magazine? it?s all for the love of entertainment, for the smile that one wears on their face while being interviewed for the first time. It?s for the inspiration that one receives from reading a positive story or watching an unknown artist develop into a star and Raheem Malik is shinning bright!

Will & Odette did it again ... they truly know how to give us food for thought and when it comes to knowing how to Relate to Love, they certainly have it covered! In their intimate conversation they explore ways to keep the love alive in a relationship. Read "How Do You Keep the Music Playing" by Will & Odette Hooks.

MUSIC BOX - Check out DJ R-WAN - from Paris, France!

This issue features DJ R-WAN from Paris! His Electro Groove sound is spreading around the world. His sounds have been heard in songs by Akon, Elephant Man,  Mind, Body & Soul Column pays tribute to Christopher Walker a teen who was shot and killed in his front yard - read the article and help us fight gun violence. The "Relate to Love" column explores ways to build intimacy without having sex. Get your copy today!

Listen to the poem dedicated to Christopher Walker and like his tribute page on  Facebook (started by Roderick Thomas. Christoper was dating Roderick's sister and Roderick says he was like a brother. He started the tribute page in effort to fight gun violence. Read the full article in Enjoy Life Atlanta.

"Life of Hip Hop" features Charlotte's very own MR. 704
& Runway Diva Shay from Flint, Michigan! 

Exclusive interview with Charlotte's very own Mr. 704, Lakesha Woods sums up the interview in the article titled "Mr. 704, Put It On My Back".

With a name like Mr. 704 even if you aren't familiar with the area code you?d know that the person wearing the title is representing something or somewhere.  So I asked Mr. 704 to tell me why he chose Mr. 704 as his stage name.  I said, ?Mr. 704, tell me why you chose that name, why did you take on the responsibility of representing the entire city??, He jokingly laughed and said, ?I like the way you say, that ?Mr. 704? you all smiling wit it? ...  Read more of this excerpt!

The captivating ShaQuandra Davis, also known as Shay or 'Runway Diva Shay', comes from the impoverished city of Flint, Michigan. From the age of seven years old, she began her illustrious modeling career by gracing the cover of local publications. .  Read More

Music Box - Joonie & Life of Hip Hop - Mz. Lola Lee!

Joonie was born in Jacksonville, North Carolina raised most of his life in Seattle, Washington and presently lives in Los Angeles, California. He began his music mission at the age of nine and started playing the piano, in churches and with different groups in Seattle but mainly in North Carolina. Although he played music, he says he didn't do a lot of singing in church or with groups because he really wasn't interested in being a singer at the time. Joonie said that he just wanted to be the guy behind scenes writing and producing music.

Well, I'm glad he decided to step-up and show-out because he has a talent that shouldn't be buried. If I could describe his music with one word I'd call it "Spring". Each song that I listen to is like a breath of fresh air on a Spring day ... just sweet. We need that type of music now days.

Healthy Life - Juicing!

Read the "Healthy Life" column for the recipes for quick juices that make great detoxes and healthy drinks or snacks.

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